About Us

ReQoil Gaming was created for the sole purpose of providing a public site where blizzard gaming enthusiasts could freely exchange information, inspire each other, and connect. We are a mature casual gaming community with social chat rooms where life just happens. We are a gaming community that is committed to creating an avenue for individuals to connect with real-life friends through an experience that is not just fun but memorable. 

With a foundation based on integrity, honor, and loyalty, ReQoil Gaming places a heavy emphasis on maturity and fair play. We are committed to ensuring that gamers have a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. At ReQoil Gaming, our members play World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and other Blizzard games on PC. We are also excited for the launch of World of Warcraft: Classic. No matter what real life brings, in the world of ReQoil Gaming, everyone is valued and counted on to help make things right and fun. We promise to keep introducing new activities for groups to enjoy together.

What We Do

The best relationships in life are built while playing games. ReQoil Gaming is passionate about making it easier for gamers to spend time with the people they care about, create beautiful memories, and land a headshot or two. If you’re a solo player looking for groups and teammates or just looking to socialize and meet other gamers you have found the right place. ReQoil Gaming strives to be an active, kind, and welcoming gaming community that everyone can enjoy. We often do giveaways, events, and other forms of entertainment enabling the community to be fun and interesting. Our monthly giveaways include cash, game titles, in-game items, and game time subscriptions for Blizzard battle.net games. At ReQoil Gaming, every day is a new adventure. What are you waiting for? Join our amazing community and discord chat rooms today!

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